60th Royal American Regiment

Reenactment & Living History


60th Royal American Regiment


Major Augustine Prevost's Company of Royal Americans.

Our goal is to have a recreated unit of british regulars of the Seven Years' War (F&I War) in th Quebec area.  Since the 60th was in just about every major battle in northern New France, since it incorporates all three troop types, and since it is the simplest uniform to assemble, the 60th was an easy choice.
The group will focus on portraying this unit as it might have appeared during the assault on Quebec in 1759, but will participate in any reenactment of the F&I period if welcomed by the organisers.

The Royal American Regiment was raised in 1756. This was the first regiment authorised to include foreign officers in the British Army.  Initial officers were mostly Swiss and German.  The regiment as a whole was known to be multi-ethnic, with less than 1/4 of the men being of English origin by 1759.

Theaters of operation include : Fort William Henry, Louisbourg, Halifax, Quebec, and Montreal City.   Different battalions of the 60th were at every major post and conflict in America from 1757 onwards.

The uniform, as with other Royal regiments, was red with dark blue facings. Plain white metal buttons were put on this laceless uniform. The enlisted men's uniform was plain while the officers' trimmings were white. Leather was buff

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