Régiment de Béarn

Reenactment & Living History

Régiment de Béarn


  • 3 May - Depart Brest, France for North America with nine companies on board L'Opiniâtre and four companies on Le Lêopard.
  • 22 June - Le Lêopard arrives in Québec.
  • 24 June - L'Opiniâtre arrives in Québec.
  • 3 August - Last of Béarn arrives at Frontenac via St. Lawrence River.
  • 1 October - Leaving three "piquets" of fifty men each at Frontenac, the rest of Béarn returns to winter at Mont-Réal.


  • 27 March - Twenty-two men of Béarn are part of an attack on Ft. Bull.
  • 16 June - Entire regiment accompanies Guienne, La Sarre and Montcalm to Chouegen (Oswego) to drive of British outpost there.
  • 27 August - Two hundred men of Béarn re-build the road at LaPrairie.
  • 11 September - Regiment camped at Carillon.
  • 9 October - Montcalm reviews regiment. 512 men strong. Work on the fort is being done by the men.
  • 17 November - February - The last of the troops are in winter quarters at Mont-Réal.


  • 18 February - Equipment issued.
  • 25 February - Béarn detachment is sent with M. de Rigaud's army to attack Ft. William Henry at the southern end of Lake George. Mission mostly fails and troops return to quarters. Along with others, a picquet of Béarn is left at Carillon.
  • August - Montcalm and the Army attack and capture William Henry then return to Carillon.
  • September - Ship Liberté arrives in Canada bearing uniforms for 3,200 men.
  • October - Return to winter quarters.


  • 7 June - Béarn goes to La Chine to repair road.
  • 8 July - British Commander Abercrombie fails in attempt to take Carillon. The rest of the summer is spent working in the earthworks and construction of the fort.
  • 1-6 November - Béarn proceeds to Mont-Réal for winter quarters.


  • 31 March - A piquet from Béarn accompanies M. de Pouchot to Niagara.
  • May - All troops not with M. de Bourlamaque at Carillon, or with the Lake Ontario campaign are ordered to Québec.
  • 26 June - The British under General Wolfe land near Québec. Béarn is with the troops occupying the "Beauport Lines".
  • 25 July - Fort Niagara capitulates. Those troops contained within are taken to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
  • 13 September - The battle of the Plains of Abraham is key in deciding the fate of Québec. The Marquis de Montcalm dies at 4:00 AM the following day.
  • 15 September - The French army arrives at Jaques-Cartier Hill, thirty miles from Québec to the west. M. de Lévis takes command of them there and heads for Québec to drive off the British. He returns to Mont-Réal when he learns of the capitulation of the city of Québec. The troops are quartered at Mont-Réal for the winter.


  • 26 April - The army under M. de Lévis lands at St. Augustin and pushes the British outposts back towards St.-Foy. The British are driven back into the city and seige is begun.
  • 16 May - A British naval squadron passes the French army on their way towards Mont-Réal. The French retreat to protect Mont-Réal.
  • 8 September - The Governor of Canada capitulates in the face of the impending British seige.
  • November - The majority of the French troops, not married to Canadian women, return to France.