Rogers Rangers

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Rogers Rangers

James Rogers was commissioned as captain of one of the four new companies of Rangers. In April, James' and three other companies of Rangers, set sail for Halifax. Out of an invasion force of approximately 27,000 men (including sailors etc) the Rangers and Independent Provincial Companies (Militia) accounted for about 500 fighting men.

Now for some background:

1755: James Rogers volunteers in the provincial corps (Militia) Increased hostilities/tensions at border areas.
1756: War officially begins (7 Years War/French and Indian War)
1757: The British attempt to capture the fortress of Louisbourg and fail. James' was a Lieutenant at the time.
1758: The Ranger Corps is expanded and James is promoted to Captain. The Fortress of Louisbourg falls.
1759: The Rangers take part in the assault on Quebec.

After the battle, James assumes command of the remaining Rangers and returns to Boston with them. The Rangers are disbanded on November 30th.

1760: On March 19th, James is ordered to raise another company of Rangers to join Robert at Crown Point. He participates in the 'Battle of Point au Fer' and other operations along the Richelieu River before heading to Montreal. Governor Vaudreuil surrenders Montreal(and all of New France) on the 8th of September, ending the war in North America. The Rangers are disbanded in New York on November 11th.