Who We Are...

Reenactment & Living History

The Quebec Historical Corps is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to promote a better understanding of our past. Our members enjoy learning about the way our ancestors lived, and about the important events they experienced.


Board of Directors 2012-2013

Stéphane Poirier, President

Deborah Goodman, Vice President

Albert Smith, Treasurer

Horst Dresler, Secretary (Acting)

Danny Deschênes, Administrator

Board members are voted in during the Annual General Assembly, held in March of each year.

Our Members

Our members are all volunteers whose common interest is a passion for history. They come from a wide range of backgrounds, from academia to artisans to simple enthusiasts wishing to broaden their knowledge of history. The group functions in both English and French, although knowledge of both languages is not a prerequisite for membership.

The events we organize and/or attend are mainly located along the Saint-Lawrence seaway and in the northeastern United States. As such, our members tend to come from these areas, such as Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, the Richelieu Valley, Vermont, and upstate New York (although membership is not restricted to a particular geographical area).